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Sometimes when a crisis occurs, nothing that a company does after that is ever good enough for the affected stakeholders. Even a change of senior leadership will not help if “inherited” problems continue to plaque the new management team. This is because the new management team invariably also inherits the expectations stakeholders have of the company. This problem is exacerbated if the inherited problems are deep rooted and takes time to solve. Every new incident continues to engender stakeholder ire, and if stakeholder resentment and investor confidence is not adequately managed, the new management team may find themselves being replaced by the Board.

This is where changing the narrative is important.


When a crisis occurs, the affected company has a range of outcomes they can consider.  And depending on the desired outcome, the approach can vary significantly.  A clearly articulated outcome would align the efforts of the crisis communications team and enable them to develop and execute the “correct” strategy.  Thus knowing your desired outcome is the cardinal rule of reputation management.


In the new information environment, traditional PR strategies for managing a crisis are at best ineffective, and at worse destructive. Read about the impact of social media and what are the 5 essential elements of an effective crisis communications plan.


Not every negative social media mention needs to addressed.  So how does a company know which to address and which to ignore?  Built upon a framework of potential impact and credibility, the SCAER model provides companies with a guide to objectively assess each mention and recommend the appropriate course of action.


Framework for Crisis Communications

Based on attribution theory, this proprietary framework provides companies with a psychological basis to address stakeholder anger.

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