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Important Notice! Acesse has recently introduced numerous changes to their programme that has changed its entire nature. These changes, in our opinion, does not benefit its members and has made Acesse very similar to a MLM scheme. One such change requires members to have a daily PSV to qualify for commission from their downline. SG Social Media no longer recommends Acesse to our readers.

Many Singaporeans increasingly worry about job security and making ends meet. As the Singapore economy undergoes restructuring, more PMETs will suddenly find themselves becoming obsolete. Retrenched and with no suitable skills for the new economy, these Singaporeans will struggle to make ends meet.
At SG Social Media Guru, we believe that Internet Marketing is the solution to these Singaporean's problem. In the era of the internet, all it takes to make money is to have a computer, access to the internet and a good idea.
SG Social Media Guru has combined our extensive knowledge and experience in online marketing with one of the most powerful systems in the world to create a revolutionary new programme that not only teaches you how to set-up and run your own successful online business, but guarantees that your online business will start earning you a minimum of SGD5 a day, everyday, from Day 1. Depending on your chosen niche, your income is limitless.
Who will benefit from this Programme?

Business Owners. By joining, business owners will have access to proven and comprehensive online advertising channel. Since the system self-generates advertising credit, the business owner only needs to make a one time payment and he can literally advertise perpetually. Additionally, as he also earns money every month, after some time, he will recover his initial payment and the ads are free.

Housewives. As housewives do not like having to rely on their husbands for pocket money, this home-based part-time business allows them to take care of their family while earning their own money. As a start, housewives will earn a minimum of USD120 per month but as we guide them on how they can build an online business (and sell products from companies like Qoo10, Courts and even Red Mart), this income will grow.

PMETs. As the global economy evolves and as we all begin working into our 60s and 70s, the idea of having a business to give you extra money is reassuring. Similar to the housewives, this system puts extra money in the pockets of PMETs and reduces the impact if they become retrenched. Once established, retirees can literally "retire".

The Investment

The investment required to join this programme is an affordable USD2,000 - this is slightly more than what you would invest to start your own online business. Included in your investment with us will be the following ...

a. Personalized Coaching by SG Social Media Guru's Principal Consultant
b. A professionally designed basic eCommerce website
c. Webhosting and Domain Name registration
d. Online credit of USD2,000 for advertisements or other web-related services
e. Guaranteed minimum daily earnings of SGD2 for the duration of the programme

Anyone with the right "can do" attitude will benefit from our programme. To find out how you can be a part of SG Social Media Guru's Team Acesse and start building your internet business empire, email Justin[a] Your total investment is only USD2,000. Nothing more. Nothing less. And with the guaranteed earnings, you cannot fail!

Joining us will be the best investment you ever make. CW Fong & Associates - your partners to success!

Singapore's #1 Internet Marketing Consultant
For those who are still on the borderline, this is the payment summary of Acesse members for 2013. The average earning of those in our team (Gold Executive) was USD3,233.41. This figure does not include income from sales generated by own business. Join us now and start your journey to financial freedom.


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