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“We have access to a variety of local Facebook fan pages and can share your FB post to more than 10,000 Singaporeans. So if you are a local business which only serves Singaporeans, we are your most cost effective means of advertising.”

CW Fong & Associates’ (CWFA) Digital Marketing Service is a low-cost option for Singapore businesses to promote their product/ services to Singaporeans. For a low fee of USD5, CWFA will work with various partner pages to share your Facebook or Website URL. Combined, our platforms have a fan base of close to 100,000.

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Basic Gig:


1. What are the social profiles where the posts will appear? CWFA works with various platforms. Depending on the client’s product/ service, we will use the appropriate platforms.

2. Can we choose the social profiles we want? No, our platforms reach out to a wide segment of the population and we are not able to provide targeted outreach. The pic below shows the profile of people that engage with our page.

3. How will I know when and where my post is shared? Once the post has been shared, we will provide the link to the client via Fiverr.

4. How long will it take to reach the 10,000 Singaporeans? This will depend on the quality and content of the client’s post. Some take as little as 3 to 4 days, while others as long as 3 weeks.  (Quick Tip)

5. I posted a video, but the number of views does not show 10,000? Reach and video views are different. The Facebook user may have seen your video, but did not choose to click to view it.

6. Is there a guarantee of sales, clicks, FB likes or conversions? No, we do not guarantee sales or online interaction. This service functions much like a television advertisement where we only provide the channel to reach out to your potential customers.

7. How do I know your fans are real? The only way is to look at the engagement of each post. The collage below shows some of the more engaging posts and the number of interaction speaks for themselves.

successful facebook engagement

8. Can you send me a report on the exact reach? No, as this is a Fiverr gig, apart from sharing the initial link of where the post is “launched”, we do not provide a report on the exact reach.

9. Will you craft the text/ ad for me? No, as this is a Fiverr gig, clients will have to provide us the exact text of what they want to be shared.

10. Why do you add “#ShoutOut” to my blurb? This is to inform readers that the page sharing the blurb is not related to the advertiser and hence not legally liable for what is being said or offered. We regret that the inclusion is not negotiable

11. I paid for a campaign of 7 shares. Why is the gig delivered after you have done 3 shares? By the 3rd share, clients would have seen and accepted the service we have provided. Delaying the “delivery” is only administrative. Even after our delivery, clients can still seek redress via Fiverr if they are unhappy with our service.

12. How can I contact you? To contact us, you can use the contact form on the home page of this blog.

Fiverr Campaign (New Service)

Studies show that customers respond to an ad only after they have been exposed to it for 7 times. This FB Marketing Campaign is designed to maximize exposure of your product or service. We will share your same post every other day for 7 times. As this is a campaign, we are offering this Gig at a special price of USD20. Our usual charges are USD5 per post or USD35.

How To Order

Campaign Gig:

facebook marketing singapore fiverr gig


Value Added Service

If you are our client, like our FB page Social Media Academy SG and receive our value added service of 5 free Tweets on Everything Singapore and/ or affiliate accounts.

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