Saturday, April 14, 2018

Communications vs HR: Dealing with an Employee with Speaks with the Media

At a recent dialogue session with business owners, I was asked my view on how corporate communications would deal with an employee that spoke to the media criticizing company policies.

I replied that, in my opinion, this is not a communications issue per se but a matter for HR to address. In my view, if an employee went against established HR policy and spoke to the media, then he or she should be dealt with according to HR policy.

Communications would only be involved if there is a need to explain to both internal and external stakeholders why the employee was dealt with in such a manner. Additionally, if the employee gave misleading information, communications would then be involved to correct the misperception.

On a separate note, I shared that the company needs to do a self-check to determine why the employee felt that he had to behave in such a manner. Was it a case of him not knowing, or was it a case of him not understanding the rationale for such a policy? If it was any of these cases, then communications should then be involved to communicate and engage employees on this matter.
In short, not all communications issues are communication issues.

dealing with employees speaking to the media

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