Saturday, February 17, 2018

Social Media Marketing: Developing Viral Content

Social Media Marketing: Developing Viral Content

Creating viral content is the goal of every social media marketer. Not because it feels good, but because the web is an extremely busy place and unless your content goes viral, no one will really notice it.

Two of the key myths our 30-minute course on developing viral content dispel are:

Content is King. The first myth that “content is king.” This myth perpetuates the belief that all you need is good content and it will go viral. I will not deny that having good content is important, but having it alone is not enough. There are literally millions of good, I would even say excellent, content out there that no one has even seen before. And, as long as no one sees it, it might as well not exist. So content is not king!

Reach is King. The second myth that I want to dispel, is the myth that you need a Facebook page with a large following for your content to go viral. This myth perpetuates the belief that reach is king. Again, like the myth content is king, I would not deny that reach is important. However, similar to content, reach alone is not enough. While reach will help get your content the necessary eye-balls, if the content does not resonate with your audience, they will not interact with it. And unless they share it, reach will remain no more than 5% of your fan base. 

In short, in developing contents that will go viral, you need both queens.

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