Saturday, December 23, 2017

What Makes Contents Go Viral ... A Singapore Example

CW Fong & Associates was recently hired to help raise awareness for a client's Facebook page. Leveraging on the recent spate of scams where Facebook accounts were cloned in a bid to secure fraudulent charges,  we decided to produce a public service type announcement.

Conceptually, we combined the factors of "trending" and "practical tip" to produce the following graphic for Talking Singapore. Singaporeans were asked to share the graphic as a warning to their friends not to accept a 2nd friend request. As the screenshot shows, the content went viral with 3,197 shares (at the time of this article) with REACH in excess of 150,000. The best part is that the content continues to get shared and as the client's name is prominently featured in the graphic, awareness is high.

viral contents singapore agency

While no one can guarantee that a content will go viral, CWFA has developed a framework - marrying art and science - that increases the probability. So if you manage the social media accounts of your organization, we can help.

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