Sunday, December 3, 2017

Social Media Marketing - Why Native Advertising

The only constant in social media marketing is that it is constantly evolving. As marketers continually try to beat Facebook's and Google's algorithms to put their product/services in front of larger audiences, Facebook and Google respond by tweaking their algorithms to ensure that users only get relevant information.

Today, Facebook marketers will tell you that Facebook's algorithm limits your organic reach to approximately 5% of your fan base. Thus, unless your fans interact with your content, or you pay Facebook to boost your content, social media engagement is virtually non-existent.

This is why savvy social media marketers have turned to native advertising.

Conceptually, native advertising is a form of indirect advertising. Instead of being product/service focused, marketers will create contents that are reader focused (i.e. relevant) and likely to generate a response from netizens. The product/service is then subtly embedded within the content.

This has several advantages: (1) being "relevant", Facebook's algorithm will show it netizens; (2) as the content resonates with netizens, they are likely to interact (like, share or comment) with it and this will help amplify it (together with the product/ service) to a wider audience than it might originally have reached.

One of the more successful native campaigns we ran was a Public Service Announcement. Following from the SMRT train collision at Joo Koon station, Singaporeans were all angry at SMRT and attacking it any chance they could. We felt that this was unfair and many of SMRT employees were working hard and they should not be the targets of misplaced anger. We, therefore, executed a native campaign to urge Singaporeans to show their support for SMRT workers.

Our "ad", launched on our affiliate site (Talking Singapore), garnered over 337 interactions, 81 comments, and 202 shares. Total reach recorded was over 80,000 within 48 hours. Much more interaction than an outright appeal might have received.  

social media marketing agency singapore smrt native advertising

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