Sunday, June 11, 2017

True Fitness - Time to Demonstrate, Not Talk

True Fitness (and True Spa) are in the news again. One day after the sudden closure of its outlets in Thailand, True Fitness shuttered its operations in Malaysia.

Ironically, a True Group spokesman had told Singapore's TODAY newspaper on Friday that operations in Singapore and the Group's planned expansion in China would not be affected. We are not sure if the statement on Friday was PR-speak, but with the closure of outlets in Malaysia, the time for statements is over. True Fitness needs to act to restore confidence with its Singapore customers. 

In crisis communications besides words, sometimes actions are required to convey a message. In this instance, any further statements by True Fitness themselves would lack credibility due to the subsequent closure of its Malaysian outlets on Saturday. True Fitness Singapore needs to therefore demonstrate its financial health and this can be done via the publishing of its financial statement or, via a statement of support by a credible third-party.

Customers are generally willing to give an organization the benefit of doubt. But when everything points to a company in crisis, the time for talk is over. 

true fitness singapore closing

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