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Right-Sourcing Your Social Media Marketing

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If you are a US-based company and you are looking for a cost-effective way to manage and grow your social media accounts, think Singapore. While countries like India seem the logical choice - given the high asymmetries between the US dollar and the Indian Rupee - we are not talking cheap-sourcing, but right-sourcing.

When you add everything up, Singapore is your best option for the following reasons:

Network Connectivity. Singapore’s has been ranked top in the world for having the highest average peak Internet connection and third in the world for average Internet connection speed. This is important because when you right-size, you want to ensure that your business partner will not suffer from slow, or intermittent, internet connection. It will be worse if there is downtime in connectivity. Singapore’s world-class Infocomm infrastructure ensures that you are always connected.

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Language. Singapore’s official language is English and the country has been ranked Number 1 by Pisa (Programme for International Student Assessment). Pisa, run by the OECD, ranks students from 70 countries in their proficiency in maths, reading and science. As the primary language used in US social media is English, you can rest assured that contents generated from your Singapore-based agency will be of the highest standards.

Strong Legal Framework. Singapore is also well-known for its efficiency and incorruptible legal system. Singapore is ranked ninth globally in a rule of law index released by US-based advocacy group World Justice Project (WJP). The WJP study ranked Singapore top in two of eight categories. Of significance is regulatory enforcement, which is attributed to the city's low crime rate and respect for due process. Having a strong legal framework ensures that your proprietary information stays proprietary.

Global Citizens. Singaporeans are also the most traveled. According to a survey by VISA, Singaporean households are projected to be the world’s 7th Top Overseas Travel spenders within the decade. Singaporeans currently spend close to USD22 billion on overseas travels with the United States continuing to be a popular study as well as tourist destination This exposure to international markets is critical for social media companies as it will enable them to develop contents that are modern and trending.

Time Difference. When it comes to social media services, time to market is important. The time difference between the US and Singapore is almost 12 hours which is ideal. Clients can decide what they want, task us at the end of their work day and have the contents ready the next morning when they come in to work. This minimizes lag time and speed is essential in any social media marketing campaign.

Lower Cost. We don’t like to use the word cost but, unfortunately in business, it is always about the bottom-line. Salaries in Singapore are considerably lower and the average Singapore-based graphic designer earns an annual salary of USD21,000 in contrast with a US-based designer that earns USD45,000. Manpower overheads are therefore lower in Singapore which means we can offer competitive rates to our US-based clients. As we mentioned earlier, we think cost is a dirty word as cheap does not mean good. Hence, while a Singapore-based social media marketing company cannot be cheaper than an India-based firm, the quality of our work is comparable to that of a US-based company.

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Don’t Out-Source. Right Source.

In short, if you are a US corporation looking to right-source their social media marketing, using a Singapore-based social media agency is your best option. CW Fong & Associates' team of professional social media managers are ready to provide you with world class quality at an affordable price.

Persuade. Change. Influence.

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