Friday, May 26, 2017

Social Media Marketing Tip: The Importance of Powerful Headlines

Headlines are everything! In the online world, where netizens' attention is measured in split seconds, having an attractive headline makes all the difference between whether your contents gets read, or it is ignored.

It is because of this that successful social media influencers spend as much, if not more, time on developing the headline for their content. For example, the following is a headline I would use for this same article on Facebook. 

"They laughed when I said I'd improve my online engagement 1000% with this one simple tip. But when I became an influencer, they begged me for my secret!"

If you came across a headline like that on Facebook, I am certain you will very likely click on the link to read more. A title like the one I used for this blog would not get the same interest on Facebook. (In case you are wondering, the title for the blog was chosen for SEO purposes). Given the literally thousands of messages a typical online user gets, unless the headline intrigues the reader, nothing will happen. 

Successful headlines are those that pique the interest of the reader and baits them to find out more. A simple guide is what I term the mini-skirt rule - be long enough to cover the essential points, but short enough to excite.

In the event that you are a noob to this, fret not. There are many online tools that you can turn to to help you generate strong headlines. Use them for as you start out, and I am certain that you will become an expert in no time. One that I particularly like is the Free Headline Generator offered by Internet Marketing Course. It is simple to use and the sample results are quite intriguing.

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Good luck! 

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