Monday, May 22, 2017

[Digital Strategy] How I Built a 18,000 Strong Facebook Fan Page for $500

Let’s face it, the conundrum facing social media marketers is that you need traffic to get likes to get traffic. Even the best content posted on a page that has no critical mass of followers will go nowhere. It is the proverbial tree falling in a forest with no one to hear and hence not making any noise.

Typically, social media marketers will rely on paying for Facebook ads to gain followers. On average, FB page ads for followers will set you back about $0.20 per like. Therefore, building a fan base of 18,000 will therefore cost approximately $3,600.

So how did I do it for less than $500?

While this might sound cliched, but it is nonetheless true. I focused on developing quality content. But, that is only half the story. Besides focusing on the quality of my contents, I also leveraged on FB’s post boost feature.

As we already know, reach is important for gaining followers. The best way to amplify your content, is to work with influencers to share it on their pages. A share from an influencer not only gives you reach, but it is also an indirect endorsement of your page. In the social media world, this is priceless. Unfortunately, unless you are best of friends with a pool of influencers, working with them is not cheap.

This is where FB’s boost feature comes into the picture. Depending on your budget, each boost can cost you as little as $5. Facebook also allows you to choose who you want the post to reach. There is no fixed "reach per dollar" spent as FB has their own algorithm to determine the cost per impression. Naturally, the less popular your page, the higher the cost.
best way to use FB boost

Before you jump on the bandwagon and boost every post you have, you need to remember that boosting a post will only increase its reach. Reach will only translate into followers if people find your page interesting. In short, the quality of contents.

Boosting a quality post will on average gain you 5 to 10 times the number of followers compared to a page ad. Thus, where a $5 budget spent on a page ad will get you 25 likes, a $5 post boost can reap you an average of 100. This is why experienced Facebook marketers shun page ads and focus almost exclusively on boosting posts. Additionally, if you have tried using page ads before, you will observe that a significant percentage of the followers gained appear dubious.

My 3-Step Approach

Firstly, when building a FB page, understand that people like FB pages to be kept informed, to be educated on topics that interest them and to be entertained. This is the basic premise of any successful FB page. Your page can choose to do one of the three, or all of the three together. The eventual content mix depends on how you want to position your page.

Secondly, focus on quality content. This is where many social media marketers get it wrong. Quality content on social media refers to contents that will generate interactions. While a well written article is good, being well written alone will not make it go viral. The article needs to strike an emotional cord, be trending, make the person sharing it look good and/ or offer practical value. In a nutshell, the content must comprise the elements in our STEP Framework.

Thirdly, boost posts that have traction. Even though the post may comprise one or all 4 elements of the STEP Framework, it is impossible to know what will go viral. Thus, to ensure that your budget is well spent, only boost those posts that have initial traction. It will take time, but once you have gained a sense of your audience, you will be able to pretty much tell which post will have traction and hence boost those.

There you have it

Facebook is an excellent marketing platform. Unlike websites where people pull information by searching for it on Google, Facebook pushes information to the followers of your page. So whether you are selling a product or service, or building a channel for affiliate marketing, it will not cost you an arm and a leg to build a strong Facebook page if you follow the 3-Step Approach I have shared here.

Good luck!


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