Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Digital Strategy: Establishing a Social Media Presence

One of the most common question we get asked is how does a company develop a sustainable social media presence. Most CEOs are aware that their company needs to be online. The hesitation comes when they worry whether they will have enough content to sustain the presence. After all, it is better not to be found online, then to be found with an outdated page.

To answer this question, we always tell CEOs and CMOs that having a social media platform does not mean that you must be continually selling. A bit of self-reflection will tell you that if you continually sell to your social media base, your platform will not take off as no one likes a Facebook page to be constantly sold to.

This is where the concept of content mix come in. Whether you manage a website, a Facebook Fan Page or an Instagram account, your content should aim to educate, inform, and entertain. This is very much like what newspapers used to do before the advent of social media.

social media content mix

The first category of contents would be to educate your social media base. Contents in this category would include training information on how to use your product or service. Here listicles are extremely popular and are often widely shared. Additional educational contents would be information about specific aspects about your product or service. If we use the example of a bridal boutique, educational contents can be about how various cuts favour different body types, or how lace can be used to accentuate different parts of the gown or even the history and meaning behind the Chinese Tea Ceremony. Educating your social media base also has the added advantage of positioning your company as a thought-leader in the industry – which is always a good thing.

Next, besides the occasional product pitch (which we believe should be approximately 10% of all your content), in order to attract and retain followers, your platform must seek to inform followers about happenings in both the industry and the country in which your business is based. Again using the example of a bridal studio in Singapore, you can share the latest trends in gown material and design. And, being based in Singapore, you can also share relevant information that brides to be would be interested in like new banquet services offered by hotels or even renovation tips for HDBs.

The third category of contents would be to entertain your social media base. Everybody appreciates a good laugh, and jokes, memes and infographics will serve to lighten the “mood” of the page. Contents in this category should seek to amuse, delight, fascinate and enthral. For a bridal platform, this can include love quotes, unique or funny ways of proposing, amusing incidences at weddings or even touching stories about how love overcame challenges. The greater the emotional pull, the better the content.

In short, as a digital strategy, successful social media platforms adopt a content mix that accomplishes three things - educate, inform and entertain their users. Keeping these 3 categories in mind will not only help you build a successful platform, it will also make it easy to find and develop contents for your social media channels.

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