Sunday, April 30, 2017

Crisis Communications Like a Pro - Gary Lim of Yeo Keng Nam Chicken Rice

When Gary Lim, boss of Yeo Keng Nam Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice, boarded a taxi after a night out with his friends, he did not expect things to turn sour. Allegedly intoxicated, Lim was caught on video goading a taxi driver saying the driver did not accomplish great things. The video went viral and Lim and his business suffered when Singaporeans, indignant over his behavior, flamed him and his business.

crisis communications Yeo Keng Nam chicken rice

Lim has today sought to make amends by personally calling the taxi driver to apologize and, in a form of contrition, offered 200 free packets of Chicken Rice to taxi drivers on Tuesday (May 5) between 3 – 5pm. Lim’s handling of this crisis is nothing but impressive.

In crisis communications, we advocate to our clients that if they were responsible for the incident, it is always important to quickly accept responsibility and to offer contrition. An apology is after all mere words and does little to allay stakeholder anger.

In the case of Mr Lim, he carried out crisis communications like a pro. We wonder who consulted with him?


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