Friday, March 3, 2017

SG Media Consultant Reveals His Facebook Marketing Secret

When launching a social media campaign, one of the biggest challenge in Facebook Marketing is to generate sufficient initial reach to get the campaign off the ground. A campaign may be the best in the world, but if no one sees or hears about it, it might as well not exist.
One secret that successful social media marketers use is to leverage on Facebook Groups. Given that Groups are formed around a common interest and that most have group sizes in excess of 10,000, Facebook marketers can readily leverage on relevant Groups to share their campaigns to create the initial buzz. Additionally, as people in these Groups are usually passionate about the topic, if the campaign is relevant, there is a very high chance of eliciting interactions.
Facebook Marketers should however be careful not spamm the Group. In other words, do not join a group and immediate share your campaign. Doing so, will usually lead to being kicked-out and the possible damage to the business' reputation. The best way to use Facebook Groups for marketing is to join the Group, establish some credibility by sharing relevant contents over a period of time and before sharing your campaigns. In short, Groups need to cultivated before they can be used for marketing purposes.
So the next time you want to launch a social media marketing campaign, consider which FB Group you can leverage on.
facebook marketing secrets

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