Thursday, February 2, 2017

Crisis Communications: Where do you rebut negative online mentions

In recent years, the social media landscape has changed. Increasingly we find FB pages and websites dedicated to the exclusive propagation of one message at the expense of the truth. Singapore is not spared and anti-establishment Facebook pages and websites like All Singapore Stuff (ASS) and Temasek Review Emeritus (TRE) exist and have large followings. These are echo chambers where any call for objectivity or correction of misinformation are vehemently shouted-down.

So what is an organization to do when such platforms distort the truth and paints you in a bad light?

Some social media experts advocate that you should not give these platforms credibility by responding on their platform. These experts also believe that by responding on their platform, you open yourself up to further distortions and smears. What these experts advocate is to counter the misinformation using your own social media accounts.

This, we believe is wrong. Like it or not, the misinformation on these platforms will remain there for all to see. Yes, while it is an echo chamber and your response will be slammed, responding on their platform will get your side of the story out and this may correct the misperception that the 'neutrals' on these platforms have about your organization.

At CW Fong & Associates, one of the cardinal rules we have about countering negative deliberate attacks, is that the rebuttal must be present on the same platform that is propagating the falsehoods. Not being present on that platform only serves to perpetuate the falsehood and fuels the misperceptions people will have about your organization.

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