Sunday, December 4, 2016

Social Media Hacks: Secret to Instagram Success

Facebook and Instagram are two of the top 10 social media platforms in the world. Facebok has over 1 billion users while Instagram has about 500 million with statistics increasing show that Instagram is fast becoming the preferred platforms for millennials.
Similar to Facebook, unless you are a major celebrity, success on Instagram takes time, effort and knowledge. One of the keys to Instagram success is knowing what to post and the hashtags to use.
secret to instagram success
At the heart of your Instagram campaign will be your choice of hashtags. To build a following, you must have a core series of hashtags followed by some periphery hashtags. Using this combination will enable you to engage your core group of followers while enlarging your reach. Shown in the diagram above, is a typical Instagram content matrix for a Singapore Fashion Instagrammer.
The core hashtags would be in the categories of Singapore, International and the selected Niche. It is important that the Instagrammer keep this core consistent so as to build the Instagrammer's brand. With the literally millions of Instagrammers, having a strong brand is necessary to keep and grow a loyal following.
Besides having a core, it is also important to reach out to as many potential followers as possible. Thus, the Instagram content matrix should also include recently trending topics in Singapore. The most effective would be to tap on major sporting events (if it is related to your niche) and the major religious holidays. As people will search these trending hashtags, using them will go a long way in enlarging your reach. Expanding on this would be contents related to your niche. Similar to the use of trending topics, niche related events or developments reach out to your desired followers. Hashtagging or posting related contents will also enlarge your reach.
The final type of content in your Instagram content matrix would be what we term IG Favorites. Statistics show that users of Instagram respond positively to pictures of scenery, cats. motivational quotes and food. Sharing these contents will thus enhance engagement with your followers while breaking some of the monotony.
In short, everyone can be an Instagram success. All it takes is to know what to share and the hashtags to use. We trust that this short tutorial on having an Instagram content matrix will help and guide you in your journey to be a social media influencer.

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