Saturday, December 17, 2016

In the News: Instagram's Singapore Boost

CW Fong & Associates is in the news again. Our Managing Consultant, Ms Anna Lee, was interviewed by BBC News for her views on celebrities use of the geo-tag Singapore, Singapore.
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Summarized below a transcript of the interview:
BBC: You’ve previously spoken about one of the keys to Instagram success is knowing what to post and which hashtags to use – all to build success on the app. Why do you think average users (non-celebrities) are resorting to this clever location trick and how does it work?

CWFA: I am not sure if you are on Instagram yourself, but having a large number of likes on your post like a drug. It feels good to know that people like what you are sharing. Like many other digital strategists, I am also not too sure why there is a boost, or even if there is one. Some people we know, have not experienced the so called “Singapore Boost”.

BBC: How does adding a location help to land one’s Instagram posts to the Explore page?

CWFA: All social media platforms aim to provide you with relevant content. If you have your location setting on and there is something nearby, then Instagram will share it with you on their Explore page.

BBC: As a strategist, why is making it to the Explore page of the Instagram app so desirable?

CWFA: As a strategist, it is not only important to continually engage your current followers but you also need to reach out to potential followers. Being featured on Instagram’s Explore page is a great way to find new followers.

BBC: Why do you think ‘Singapore’ in this instance, has been used by Instagram users and influencers when adding locations to their posts?

CWFA: As I have mentioned earlier, I am also puzzled as to why Singapore in this instance adds a boost. What I can say is that social media works in a reinforcing cycle. The more people talk about it, the more Instagrammers and influencers will use it. And the more Instagrammers and influencers use it, the more traffic it will drive. In my opinion, this is just a fad and it will pass. The only way to continue to engage and enlarge your follower base comes back to having interesting content that adds value to your followers.
Click The Singapore Boost for the full article.

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