Friday, November 11, 2016

Social Media Management Service ... Social Media looks easy, but is not!

While using social media to boost your company's business looks easy, it is not ...

The recent hoo-ha over The Western Co. poor attitude, service and sarcastic responses to online criticisms once again highlights the danger that lurks behind the use of social media by businesses. Given the vocal nature of dissatisfied customers and the amplification effect of social media, simple misunderstandings can snowball into a crisis which could ultimately trigger the demise of the business.

social media crisis singapore

Today in Singapore, many businesses adopt the DIY approach for their social media management with the intent of saving money. What these business owners do not realize is that they are being penny-wise but pound foolish. This is because a social media management company will not only more effectively help boost business via quality contents and the use of influencers, but they will also be in a position to step-in to assist in the management of negative online mentions. In the case of The Western Co., we believe that the hoo-has was totally unnecessary and could have been easily avoided with timely intervention and a sound crisis communications strategy.

One major mistake that The Western Co. did that exacerbated the crisis was to address customer unhappiness online. Even though this might seem like the logical approach, dealing with unhappiness is best done offline where egos are not on display for all to see. What The Western Co. should have done was to acknowledge the customer's unhappiness, offer an apology (and perhaps also reiterate their customer service policy) and then request for the customer's contact for a face-to-face meeting. In our experience, in all but a few of such cases, the issue is settled amicably and the unhappy customer is won over and turned into an online advocate.

Depending on the business' exact requirement, engaging a Social Media Management company will cost in the region of $500 per month. In our experience, this will more than pay for itself in terms of increased sales plus having the added "insurance" that lapses in customer service will not turn into a crisis.

As we always say .... "everybody knows social media. But not everybody know social media."

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