Friday, October 14, 2016

[Crisis Communications] What You Should Consider When Hiring a Crisis Communications Consultant?

What Should Companies Look for When Hiring a Crisis Communication Consultant?

In an exclusive interview with Talking Singapore, CW Fong & Associates’ Principal Consultant explained that in a crisis, knowing what to do is only half the solution. The other half, and an equally important half, is the ability to effectively intervene at the start of a crisis. This is because the ubiquity and speed of social media has altered the information environment such that early sentiments will shape the trajectory of online comments.

Unfortunately, the majority of crisis communication firms in Singapore focus only on the know-how and do not possess any ability to intervene. In most instances, the consultant will rely exclusively on access to the main stream media to communicate with stakeholders. This, as we all know, is ineffective in the era of social media as the media cycle is slow. Additionally, there is also no guarantee that the reporter will see the issue your way and his or her reporting may add oil to the fire.

It is precisely because of the need to have the ability to intervene in a crisis that CW Fong & Associates directly owns and manages several key Singapore-based social media platforms. Having full control over what is said, and with a combined reach to over 250,000 Singaporeans, CW Fong & Associates in the only crisis communications firm in Singapore that can help our clients with online intervention during a crisis. In the same time that other firms spend liaising with the media to get a story out, our clients can have their stories out and circulating online. Thus, CW Fong & Associates not only has the know-how, but also has the how to effectively push out a narrative when it matters the most.

Organizations looking to hire a Crisis Communications Consultant should know that know-how is no longer enough. It is imperative that they hire a consultant or firm that has the ability to intervene.

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