Saturday, October 29, 2016

Biggest Challenge to Social Media Marketing - Being Politically Correct

One of the biggest challenges to social media marketing is being politically correct. As your organization's social media presence grows, so too does the variety of people within your social media network. The non-geographical nature of social media also complicates matters as people from anywhere in the world can also be a member of your network.
The recent uproar over Facebook's use of Halloween themed emoji is a case in point. Halloween is a major event in the lives of Americans and it is a tradition that has been practiced for literally centuries. Being a US based company, it is therefore natural for Facebook to get into the spirit by doing something related.
Unfortunately, Facebook's Halloween emojis have been attacked as being inappropriate and culturally insensitive. Some of those offended by the emojis have asked Facebook to remove them. While we do agree that, to some, the emojis may be seen as insensitive, we however also think that this group is the minority. To impose their will on Facebook based on their individual perception is thus inappropriate.
We believe that Facebook should not remove their Halloween emojis based on these few complaints. Given Facebook's ubiquity, to give in to the pressures of a few at the expense of the majority, will prevent Facebook from ever doing anything new. This is because in anything you do, there will always be some that see the negative in it.
As a business owner, or manager of your organization's social media platforms, you will inevitably face challenges to what you do online. At CW Fong & Associates, we believe that this is something that is impossible to avoid especially when your fan base grows and grows internationally. What we suggest is that you exercise discretion and good taste in what you do, and base the measure of "political correctness" on where your business operates. Thus, if it is politically correct for Singapore, it does not matter if someone in Malaysia is unhappy.
politically correct biggest social media challenge

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