Thursday, September 29, 2016

[Workshop] Tradeshows - Beyond the 3x3

iAdvisory Workshop - Reaping the Most Out of Your Tradeshow (29 Sep 2016)

Bringing together the combined expertise and extensive experience in tradeshow participation, networking and digital strategy, CW Fong & Associates has successfully completed our 5th run for IE Singapore.
This full-day workshop is designed to help companies understand the major challenges in setting up tradeshows, leverage on the services and deliverables from their TACs to maximize their tradeshows participation, set their tradeshows' objectives, do pre-tradeshow planning, and learn how to achieve the necessary Return on Investment (ROI) on tradeshows by converting potential leads to real sales.

The workshop covered topics including:

- Trade Show Basics
- Trade Show Planning
- PR 101
- Communications 101
- Trade Show Execution
- Effective Business Networking at the Show
- Following-up with Leads generated at Trade Shows
- Media Training Practical
Participants were taught how to extend the effectiveness of their tradeshows by thinking beyond the physical space or the 3 ft x 3 ft booth.

ie singapore tradeshow workshop

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