Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Social Media Crisis Communications

The proliferation of social media has created new headaches for organizations. In the past, when companies only had to deal with the main stream media, crisis communications was easier to handle in terms of speed and number of stakeholders.

Today, with citizen journalists on every street corner, the number of incidents that can turn into a crisis are significantly more and the magnitude of impact on a company's brand and reputation greater due to the amplification effects of social networks.

To help companies deal with crisis communications in the era of social media, CW Fong & Associates issued our White Paper on the subject on 17 August 2010. Today, more than 6 years later, the principles that we outlined in our report are still valid. Principally, for an organization to effectively deal with a social media crisis, communications needs to be (a) open; (b) timely; (c) 100% truthful; (d) broadly communicated; and (d) internet (or social media) present.

For our full report 2010 report, visit the resource section of this blog via the following link: Crisis Communications in the Era of Social Media. If you are a crisis communications practitioner, leave us a comment. we hope to hear your views.

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