Monday, September 19, 2016

Social Media Academy Singapore: How Long Should My Facebook Post Be?

While using Facebook is intuitive, like any tool, knowing some tips and tricks will help you use it more effectively. One common mistake digital marketers make is to make their Facebook post too long. This is because, Facebook will "cut off" your post off after 460 characters and if your key message comes after this, your fans will need to click "more" to read it. Unfortunately, statistics show that only 50% of users click the more button. This means that less than half will get your message.

To get a sense of the ideal Facebook post length, take a look at the diagram below. A rough guide is approximately 80 words or 460 characters (including spaces)

what is the ideal facebook post length

Thus, if you have an important message to tell, tell it in the headline, or say it upfront. While it may seem like a good idea to build suspense before delivering your message, if your intended reader does not see if, it is pointless.


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