Friday, September 16, 2016

Social Media Academy Singapore: How to Use Hashtags

How to use Hashtags ....

Hashtags are great ways to increase the reach of your Instagram stories or Tweets. Users of social media search hashtags for stories that interest them. So if you use the "right" hashtags, the "right" people will find you.

how to use hashtags to build followers

While the idea is simple, using hashtags effectively is not. One common mistake that users make is creating their own hashtags. #CWFongRocks While it looks cool on your account, the reality is that if no one else is searching for that particular hashtag, no one will find you. #NotCoolToCreateYourOwn The best way to find popular or trending hashtags is to use sites like RiteTag. Sites like RiteTag will scan the internet and give you a list of trending hashtags. Use these and you will be assured that you are using the right hashatgs.

The other common mistake that users make is to constant use the same hashtags. What happens when you do this, is that you will continue to reach out to the same group of people. After awhile, if they don't already follow you, they never will. The best hashtag strategy to adopt, especially if you are trying to grow your follower base, is to keep a core set of hashtags and vary the rest. This way, you continue to reach out to the market segment you want, but also associates segments that can also bring business to you.

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