Friday, September 9, 2016

Digital Marketing Tip - Target the Needs of your Clients

As social media consultants, whenever we work on the digital marketing strategy of clients, we are often asked by our clients how do you make people buy. You may be surprised, but our response is that you can't.
This is because you cannot make people do something they do not want. Nobody can! What we can do as part of a digital marketing strategy is to help find the people that need your product/ service; and then tell them how your product/ service would best solve their problems. Sometimes, our strategy would involve creating the need in potential clients.
At CW Fong & Associates, the most effective digital marketing campaign therefore starts with identifying the need of potential clients. Once you have successfully done that, the next step is creating powerful or impactful advertisements that: (a) reminds the buyer of the need; (b) tells the buyer how using your product/service would solve their needs.
One of the best example we have seen in the recent times is this ad done by Grab. The ad targets the need of Singapore parents to give their child the best education possible. Any parent who sees this ad is: (a) reminded of the need; and (b) given the solution to their "problem". This ad is extremely effective as it focuses on the needs of parents. Whenever an ad fails in effectiveness, it is very likely because the ad failed to address the needs of potential clients. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, the key to effective digital strategy is understanding your target market.
Focus on the needs of your potential clients and you cannot go wrong.
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