Friday, August 19, 2016

Digital Strategy: Employee Advocacy for Singapore SMEs

One of the biggest challenges a business faces is how to promote its product and services to its market segment. Prior to social media, businesses had to rely on old fashion advertising and PR techniques that were costly. The proliferation of social media has changed all that. Businesses with the right knowledge can now effectively promote itself for practically zero cost. One of the best marketing asset that a business has is its employees.

Unfortunately, most businesses do not use this as they are afraid that the employee will reveal company secrets, post or say something that will tarnish the company's brand or, god forbid, attack a competitor. While all these are valid fears, they are exaggerated and something which a proper social media policy will prevent.
employee brand ambassadors
Statistics show that the average Singaporean has an average of 412 Facebook friends. Thus assuming that your company has 3 employees, that means that your company has an automatic reach to 1,236 potential customers. Even assuming that only 10% of your employees' friends like or share your company's contents (which in turn then reaches their 412 friends), you are looking at a reach of over 50,000 people on Facebook alone. And, if your employees are in the same demographics as your market segment, then you reaching the right people.
Employee Advocates are powerful assets which businesses can and should tap on. Unfortunately, some bosses have unfounded fears. A quick look at the numbers show that your employees cannot be ignored and they need to be made into brand ambassadors. If you are not already leveraging on your employees' network, you need to.

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