Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Digital Marketing ... Viral Marketing Gone Wrong

STOMP yesterday revealed that the online threat, by a jilted lover, to release a sex video exposing her boyfriend's identity after he disappeared after having sex with her was a marketing ploy by a Hong Kong moon cake brand.
Like many, we were intrigued by the story (sorry we are humans too) and talked about it both online and offline. Score one for the digital marketer that thought this up. Good try at using sex and curiosity to drive likes and shares on social media.
viral digit marketing campaign singapore
Unfortunately, the final reveal of the company's name lacked impact as nobody likes to be used. Netizen's disappointment in this instance is justified as they were tricked into using their social media network for a commercial purpose. In fact, just look at the negative publicity that the Rebecca Lim false retirement generated and the reputational backlash she suffered.
In our opinion, the company could have done better using subtle product placement in their quest for greater brand awareness. Viral marketing campaigns are effective, but digital strategists need to avoid making their customers feel that they were used and their feeling cheated. This may alienate the people you are trying to engage.
P.S. We doubt that STOMP is an innocent "victim" of this viral campaign. We believe they were paid to run it.


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