Sunday, December 6, 2015

Social Media Marketing Tip: Inform, Educate and Entertain

Congratulations! You have successfully set-up your company's Facebook page.

Now what?

Surprisingly, this is a common question we hear from many Singapore small business owners. This is because business owners see social media platforms like Facebook as an ends and not a means to an ends. All the small business owner knows is that he needs to be online. Somehow, many assume that by just being online, something magical will happen. This cannot be farther from the truth.

The other common mistake that many small business owners make is to use their Facebook page as a direct marketing platform. Post after post they "sell" to their fans. The truth is, no one likes your page to be sold to. So if you keep selling, you will lose your fans. Fast!

So what is a small business owner to do?

The main role of social media marketing is to help businesses build and maintain mind share. This top of the mind recall is important as it puts you in a position to sell when the client is ready to buy.

With this as the approach, contents on your company's Facebook page should seek to inform, educate and entertain your prospective buyers. For example, business owners can share information about developments in the industry, educate their fans on how they can use their company's products or even post random jokes to boost the mood. Done consistently, a business' Facebook page will become a valuable source of information for your prospective buyers. Once this happens and the page becomes the "go to" page, this will then enable the small business owner to soft sell their product and services.

Social media is different from traditional media. Business owners must understand social media and how best to leverage it. While it may not be wrong to use traditional media concept and approaches in your company's social media campaign, it will however not bring you the return on investment you desire.

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