Friday, December 11, 2015

Social Media Marketing Tip: How Facebook ranks your posts

Getting maximum reach is top of the mind for all social media marketers. Social media platforms on the other hand filter posts to give their users the most relevant contents. This is where understanding the algorithms of social media platforms separates the good social media marketers from the great.

As a guide, Facebook has an internal ranking of users' posts. Of course Edge Ranking (or a variation of it) continue to influence what users see, but Facebook also considers the type of post uploaded. Generally, video posts are ranked the highest and they will appear on the News Feeds of your fans. Next on the list are posts with pictures and text, followed by pictures alone and finally text alone.

Understanding this algorithm, CW Fong & Associates advises our clients to never post text alone. Where possible, always find an accompanying picture to post with any announcements they want to make. Using this one simple tip, will increase your reach as it moves your post up 2 ranks.

Conversely, if you are a crisis communicator and, for strategic reasons, want to "inform" stakeholders without drawing unnecessary attention to your message, you will simply post a text. Doing this, will help ensure that your notice does not get too much attention.

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