Friday, November 27, 2015

Social Media Tip for Small Business

Small businesses are always on a shoe-string budget and even something as routine as placing jobs ads for staff can put a dent in their operating budget.

One creative idea that small businesses in Singapore can consider is to use Facebook sponsored ads. Simply draft a job ad, post it and then use FB's ad function.
social media tip for small business
This approach is not only creative, but it is an effective and efficient manner to advertise. Effective because FB's ad function allows you to select who you want to see the ad, and efficient because using PPC you only pay for clicks on your ad. And, if the ad is well designed, the likes, shares and comments would amplify the ad's reach and generate awareness for the business. A great two-in-one thing that is not possible with traditional classified ads. 

Social Media is a game changer that has put the means in everybody's hands. With the proper know-how, Singapore small businesses can leverage on the power of social media. As the above example has shown, by simply using FB ads, a Singapore small business can for a budget as little as USD5, find that dream employee.
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