Saturday, October 3, 2015

Social Media Marketing Insights for Singapore SMEs: Changing Demographics

Statistics compiled by wearesocial for September 2015 show that there is still a significant amount of people who continue to use Facebook in Singapore. In line with anecdotal evidence, the main users of Facebook are not your typical teenagers, but more your young working adults (25 to 34) and working adults (35 to 44). This finding is significant for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) as Facebook fan pages continue to be viable low cost alternative form of advertising.

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Understanding the life-cycle needs of Singaporeans, Facebook fan pages is therefore a must for companies that sell to working adults, young couples and couples with children. Bridal boutiques, renovation companies, tuition centres, travel agencies and retailers of luxury goods are a few of those that can directly benefit from a social media presence. In fact, analysis of the statistics show that Facebook users then to be predominantly males and hence Facebook ads should be pitched primarily from the male perspective.
In short, the demographics of the Singapore Facebook user has changed. Companies who want to leverage on Social Media to market their product and services in Singapore would do well to understand the changes. Contrary to what some "experts" are claiming, Facebook is not dead. It is the demographics that has changed.

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