Friday, October 30, 2015

Social Media Insights: Amplification

Channel News Asia today published a report on the effectiveness of Social Media on the outcome of the Singapore General Election 2015 GE2015). In their report, Dr Woo Jun Jie of the Public Policy and Global Affairs Programme at Nanyang Technological University was quoted as saying that while the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) was the most effective in the use of social media during GE2015, this did not translate into votes at the ballot boxes. According to Dr Woo's analysis, trust and confidence built through walking the ground still play a vital role in helping politicians to secure a large margin of victory.
At CW Fong & Associates (CWFA) we would like to offer a different perspective. At CWFA, we see social media as nothing more than an amplification tool. And as an amplifier, it will amplifies core of the brand. If a brand is good, the good gets amplified. If the brand is bad, then the bad gets amplified. In the case of the SDP, the problem was not social media, but the "branding" of the SDP.
This is no different from traditional marketing campaigns. If a product or brand does not fulfill a market need, or is not seen as credible, no amount of marketing will improve sales. It is thus important that organizations see social media for what it is - a tool, and not just blindly embark on a social media campaign without first ensuring that they have a good product and a viable brand.
Thus, at CWFA, all social media campaigns we work on for our clients begins with an analysis of their products' unique selling proposition (USP) and their branding. If we cannot get it right at this stage, we would rather reject the job then mislead our client.

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