Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Crisis Communications Training Singapore - Our Edge

The proliferation of social media has created an unprecedented demand for PR professionals who are able to handle crisis communications. The non-hierarchical manner in which information is shared, the speed with which negative news travels and the rise of the citizen journalists has created challenges for even the most experienced PR teams.

To prepare their organizations for the new information environment, government agencies, Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) and even Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have begun attending training workshops and seminars on 'crisis communications in the era of social media'. To meet this new training demand, numerous crisis communications consultants have set-up shop. Unfortunately, the industry is unregulated and, as can be expected, the quality varies greatly between trainers and consultants.

A significant problem with most of the training workshops and seminars being offered is that the trainer or consultant will always teach from the perspective of what their experience tells them to do. This is a problem as the participants do not have the trainers' or consultants' experience and hence the crisis management solutions that the participants eventually learn cannot be easily replicated.

This is where CW Fong & Associates' (CWFA) crisis communications training seminars differ from the others offered in Singapore and, by our estimates, around the world. CWFA recognized that for crisis communications training to be effective, the training needed to move away from being an "art" and made into a "science". Hence, our team embarked on researching and developing our own in-house crisis communications frameworks based on the science of psychology, sociology and communications.

crisis communications training singapore seminar

Comprising our core modules of: (a) insights into the new information environment; (b) stakeholder analysis; (c) crisis framework; and (d) our SCAER model, our crisis communications workshop/ seminar teaches participants proprietary frameworks and models which will enable even the most junior PR practitioner to handle 80% of crisis situations an organization will encounter. Additionally, by knowing the "science", the PR professional would be able to provide the necessary strategic counsel to even the most demanding c-suite executive.

To enquire about CWFA's crisis communications in-house training or 1-day seminars for PR professionals, contact us at anna[a]cwfongandassociates.com.


Our Consultants have to date trained over 1,000 PR professionals both in Singapore and the region. Besides MNCs like Symrise, DSM and Lanxess, our consultants have also been engaged to train government officials from the Ministry of Information, Myanmar.

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