Saturday, October 10, 2015

Crisis Communications Insight: Elderly Lady's Hand Severed by HDB Lift

Singapore. On 9 Oct 2015, Channel News Asia reported that an elderly lady's hand had been severed after being caught between the lift doors.
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A quick glance at the incident may lead some crisis communicators to assess that this will be a crisis for the Jurong Town Council (TC) or the Housing and Development Board (HDB). Unfortunately, they will be mistaken.
Based on our proprietary crisis framework, stakeholders attribute blame based on the three factors of locus of control, predictability and controllability. As none of the factors currently link directly back to the TC or the HDB, there is a very low probability that stakeholders will blame these two organizations. This will of course change if subsequent independent investigations reveal that the TC or the HDB had been negligent in maintaining the sensors or if another similar incident happened.
In this instance, the PR professionals managing the incident should not assume that the incident will not turn into a crisis. They would therefore do well to recognize the 2 scenarios that can turn this into a crisis and manage for it. 

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