Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Online Reputation Management: When Lies Become Truth

The following is an interesting comic strip about how social media impacts a company's reputation. Today, Netizens can hide behind the concept of free speech and can literally post anything they want without the need to check for truth or accuracy.
importance of online reputation management
Unfortunately, the comic strip only portrays half the truth. The other half is that "if lies are repeated often enough, it becomes the truth." It is precisely for this very reason that companies, organizations and even politicians must take a pro-active approach to managing their online reputations.
Regular Google Audits and a deliberate effort to counter DRUMS (distortions, rumours, untruths, myths and smears) is therefore no longer a good to have, but a must have. Left unchallenged, advertising dollars spent on building a brand or image will come to naught. While there are currently no laws against trolling, taking a tough stance (legal actions) against malicious Netizens is a good deterrence strategy. If Netizens are aware that they will be taken to task for their actions, it will encourage them to move on to "easier" targets.
As online searches increasingly form the basis for most buying decisions, a company's online reputation is as, if not more, important than its offline version. Companies need to start protecting their online reputation as jealously as they protect their offline reputation.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Social Media Marketing Tip: The Power of an Avatar

In social media marketing, one of the most effective ways to establish reach and persistent presence is through the use of Facebook. Unfortunately, building a Facebook page that has sufficient numbers of fans and levels of engagement is not an easy feat. One technique that companies use, is the creation of an Avatar.

Essentially, an Avatar is a virtual person who is the face that engages fans on behalf of the company. The secret to an Avatar's effectiveness is its appeal to the target market segment. In a recent project we undertook for a client, the client's target segment were males in the 21-30 age range. Our analysis showed that an attractive single female student would be the "perfect" Avatar.

CW Fong & Associates then assisted the client to engage a model and got her to take selfies of her daily activities for a period of 3 weeks. Armed with these pictures we created a new "personality" on Facebook using her pictures.

All it took was for us to start friending a few mutual friends and then let "nature" run its course. Within a period of 3 weeks, our Avatar had a friend (fan) base of 3,000. Our estimates is that it hit Facebook's cap of 5,000 friends within the next 1 week. With the fan base established, all the client has to do now is to post related "ads" on the Avatar's page and wait for the sales to come in. If the Avatar was effective in engaging the fans, a "word of mouth effect" sales effect would also become evident.

In short, the power of an Avatar should not be ignored and should form part of every company's social media strategy.
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