Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to Run a Successful Facebook Competition

SG Social Media Guru is pleased to showcase the successful run of a Facebook Competition for our client Everything Teens Singapore.
Starting with a Fan base of only 28 fans, SG Social Media Guru successfully ran a competition to (a) raise awareness for a concert; and (b) to drive ticket sales. At the end of the 2 week campaign, the Facebook results are as follows:
215 likes on the post
2,338 people reached
20+ entries
538 likes for top entry (with the second garnering 502 likes)
The secret to how we successfully assisted our client was in the use of a supporting Twitter campaign while leveraging of an established pool of blogs owned and managed by SG Social Media Guru. Effective Social Media campaigns are usually catch-22s ie. how do you build fans when you have no fans.
The solution? Use a combination of platforms to "feed" your Facebook page. While it sounds simple, unfortunately, many community managers forget to do this.
If you need help with your social media campaign, email us (Justin[a]cwfongandassociates.com) for a no-obligation discussion. SG Social Media Guru owns and manages a pool of social media platform that has an average monthly reach to approximately 250,000 Singaporeans. So if you need a kick-start to your social media campaigns, we can help!



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