Friday, June 6, 2014

Social Media Marketing Singapore: Instant Online Presence to over 300,000 Singaporeans

Traffic! Traffic! Traffic! To succeed online, you need to have traffic. The challenge for Singapore SMEs is that it takes time (and money) to build an online presence. Recognizing the need for businesses to be able to quickly establish an online presence, CW Fong & Associates has developed an online marketing system that will provide any Singapore-based business with INSTANT online presence.
Leveraging on a "system" of mutually reinforcing established social media platforms like blogsites (SG Wedding Guru, SG Tutors, SG Corporate Training to name a few), Twitter (@SG_Insider), Acesse Marketing, Paper.Li (Hashtag Singapore) and CWFA's very proprietary Facebook Page Champions, CWFA is able to provide your business with an instant online presence to over 300,000 Singaporeans a month. The power of our online marketing system is in its persistence in front of your target market, and the "word of mouth" effect.  
Social Media Marketing Strategy for Singapore SMEs
To find out how we can help you succeed online, email our Principal Consultant via Justin[a]

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  1. Contact us about our Leads Generation Service for Singapore SMBs. NO UPFRONT PAYMENT. Pay us our commission only when you turn the leads into sales.


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