Sunday, June 15, 2014

Anti-G Vitriol - Have Singaporeans become a nation of cyber-bullies ....

For those that follow this blog, you will know that I have consistently abstained from making political comments. However, as a Singaporean, I have become increasingly disturbed by the types of attacks against the PAP and the G in online forums and social media that I think I need to express my views.
Don’t get me wrong! I believe it is not only correct, but important, for Singaporeans to shape their political future. I however feel that it has reached the point where things are bordering on the ridiculous. We are now at the point where regardless of what the G does, there will always be a section of the population that will find fault. Even something as simple as the PM queuing up to buy food will bring out the trolls. It is now a case of damned if I do and damned if I don’t.
I accept that the angst that Singaporeans feel is real. I too have my angst and unhappiness with some of the G’s policies. My fear is that we are becoming a society that petty. Sure, you have the right to express your views, and you have earned this right as a citizen of Singapore. However, where does it end? To put it bluntly, we have become a nation of cyber-bullies.
This blog post will elicit three responses. One group will support my view; the second group will think about what I am saying, draw their own conclusions and perhaps becoming more constructive in their online engagement with the G and PAP; and the third group will merely attack me as one of the PAP’s or G’s lapdog. To be honest, I am not interested in the third group as I believe that they are blinded by their emotions and will never be open to any alternative views. The real target of this blog post is to appeal to those that are still thinking logically to consider their own actions – the second group.
Here is my appeal ….
Attacking and criticizing government policies is the right of every citizen. However, when those attacks start becoming personal attacks against the individual politician (regardless of whether they are public figures) I think we have failed as individuals and as a society. In fact, it is my opinion that those who need to resort to personal attacks to win an argument are those who have in fact lost the argument at the intellectual level. So my dear Singaporeans, I urge you to continue to fight and argue for what you believe in. But I hope that we can stop becoming a nation of cyber-bullies and argue against the policies and stop attacking the individual.
Note: I welcome comments about my views. However, as I believe in taking responsibility for ones views, anonymous comments will not be approved for publication.

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