Friday, April 4, 2014

SG Social Media Guru: How to select a good social media consultant

Let's face the facts. Social media consultants are now a dime a dozen. Anybody, and literally everybody, who has ever managed a Facebook page is now calling himself a social media consultant. Unfortunately, while they may be stretching the truth, they are not lying. This is because social media is designed to be easy to use. Thus, anybody who has dedicated some time to managing a social media account and executing a "campaign" can rightly claim to be an expert.

With such low barriers to entry, how then does a company select a social media consultant for a project? To help, we can offer companies the following three criteria to consider ...

See Social Media is a Platform. At SG Social Media Guru, we believe that social media is just a platform for communications. As such, it is a means to an ends. Just as a company will not hire a graphic designer to manage their PR campaign, companies should not hire social media experts to drive sales and marketing. Thus, the first criteria companies should consider when hiring a social media consultants is to look for someone who is not only conversant with social media, but someone who has strong marketing and business experience.

Own their Own Channels. As the saying goes, those who can do, while those who can't teach. It is no different in the social media world. Consultants who have developed their Own channels not only demonstrate that they can deliver results, but these channels also gives their clients an immediate social media base to tap on. SG Social Media Guru has seen many consultants claim to be SEO experts, but you can't find their own websites on Google or Yahoo! Page 1. If they can't do it for themselves, how can they do it for you? This is thus the second criteria that companies should consider. Companies should only hire social media consultants who have their own successful channels.

Charge Reasonable Rates. While this may seem biased, we always advise clients to avoid cheap solutions. You may not believe us, but it is the truth. Even though social media platforms may be free to use, it unfortunately takes time and experience to use these platforms well. So if a social media consultancy charges you ridiculously low rates, you can be assured that you will get low quality work. This is because quality work can never be obtained at cheap prices. This is exactly what they mean by getting monkeys by paying peanuts. Thus, the third criteria that companies should consider is to avoid low cost solutions.

In short, companies looking to hire a social media consultant should only consider hiring a consultant that is (a) experienced in building businesses; (b) owns and operates his own successful social media channels; and (c) charges reasonable fees. By following these three criteria, companies will increase their chances of engaging a good social media consultant.

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