Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cyberbullying in Singapore: Educate to Protect our Students

The consequences of cyberbullying was emphasized when a Singapore student committed suicide after being maligned by her ex-boyfriend on Facebook. Unable to stand the shame of being called a "loose girl", the teen ended her life by jumping to her death.
Increased connectivity on social media platforms has its dark side:
(a) negative comments (regardless of whether they are true) are amplified in intensity due to the word of mouth effect i.e. if my best friend says it is true, it must be.
(b) the "virtual" nature of cyber communications and its mask of "anonymity" makes people say things they would not ordinarily say. The examples of Anton Casey and Amy Cheong come to mind.
At CW Fong & Associates, we believe that the way to prevent cyberbullying is to educate our youths on its dangers and the role they play in it - whether deliberate or inadvertently. Combining presentations, role-plays and case studies, CWFA's cyberwellness workshops are designed to tackle cyberbullying at its roots. Our workshop builds resilience, reduces amplification and encourages self-policing.
To find out how CWFA can help prevent cyberbullying in your school, email our Principal Consultant at justin[a]cwfongandassociates.com. One life lost is one life too many!


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