Sunday, February 16, 2014

Crisis Management Systems - Incomplete without incorporating crisis communications

Having recognised the importance of business continuity in a crisis, many companies have spent considerable money and time to establish business continuity management (BCM) systems. Unfortunately, many of these BCM systems were created in the time where social media was nascent and hence the need for prompt and holistic communications was ignored.
Today, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have become so ubiquitous that anything of significance that happens will be shared. "Newsworthy" stories will spread rapidly and widely into the local and international communities. Left unchecked, these stories will likely create a crisis of their own. Ignoring the need to communicate with key stakeholders during a crisis is thus dangerous as it can lead to a crisis of confidence, which in turn may damage a company's reputation.
CW Fong & Associates is pleased to team up with Alpha & Omega to work with forward looking companies that see the importance of communications in a crisis. Our crisis communications training uses a unique scenario based format that not only tests existing processes to derive capability gaps, but also trains the incumbents on how they should communicate in a crisis.
To date, DSM and Symrise AG are two multi-national companies in Singapore that have benefitted from the training.
To find out how we can strengthen your crisis business continuity management (BCM) plans, email our Principal Consultant at Justin[a]

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