Saturday, February 22, 2014

Acesse Marketing - The Holy Grail for Singapore Internet Marketers?

SG Social Media Guru was recently introduced to Acesse Online Advertising Business and we believe that it is the best system for anyone interested in starting a profitable internet business.
Acesse is unique in the sense that a small one-time payment gives you access to a full suite of services any internet marketer (or small business owner) will need to build and grow his online business. From domain name registration to web hosting, mobile apps to banner ads, and ad words and website advertisements, Acesse provides everything in an easy to use form. Fully customizable, the Acesse Consultant can either use it for his own online campaigns, or use it for his clients'.
The best part of the Acesse system is that users earn iCredits on a daily basis by simply using the system. This then allows them to generate more funds which they can then use on any online marketing campaigns they are involved with. A perfect eco-system.
In fact, SG Social Media Guru sees the Acesse system as best suited for small business owners, seeking to build their online presence, and internet entrepreneurs involved in blogshops and affiliate marketing through platforms like Clickbank, Commission Junction and Amazon.

If you are keen to start making money online via internet marketing, or simply a home-based business, join SG Social Media Guru's Acesse Team. Using our proven social media marketing know-how, we will work with you to help you earn a good income from online sales. eMail our Principal Consultant at justin[a] for a no-obligation discussion. "It will be the best financial decision you ever make!"


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. @Jhon Staphen: Your comment has been deleted as it is considered an advertisement. If you wish to advertise with us, please contact us for our rates.

  3. Warning! Acesse has recently introduced many new changes to their system. We at SG Social Media Guru believe that these changes DO NOT benefit new members. 

    Increasingly Acesse is moving towards a "MLM structure". One of the changes requires users need to have a minimum PSV to qualify for overriding commissions.

    We are therefore NO LONGER recommending Acesse to our readers.

    1. If you do not understand what are the changes and why it was implemented, it is better, then go and find it out.

      MLM by itself is a business model and there is nothing wrong with that.

      Based on having a minimum PSV you concluded it is a MLM??
      You need to have more substance than that.

      If will not benefit members who are sitting at home and dreaming of earning income by viewing ads. I suppose you belong to that category.
      Tell me which company do not require sales to survive?

      I read your other articles on Acesse and it seems that you have mentioned it as an "Investment".

      Seems that you do not know what Acesse is about!

      Acesse is an online advertising company that requires you, as a member, to promote the various products and services offered by Acesse and to advertise through the platform.
      It is NOT an investment that you mentioned in your article.

      You have the right to recommend or not recommend, it makes no difference. But do get your facts right before putting something online as it will seriously discredit you.

  4. We usually do not approval postings/ comments by anonymous persons but in this case, we thought it useful to allow an alternate perspective.

    To be fair, we did not say Acesse is MLM. We said that Acesse is moving towards a MLM structure. Whether it eventually becomes a full MLM company remains to be seen. But with all the recent changes and new demands placed on members, it is our opinion that it is indeed moving in that direction.

    Having a PSV is one key element of a MLM business as it creates an artificial demand for the product/ service. The demand is artificial as it is driven not by the market, but by members buying the product/ service in order to be able to qualify for an overriding commission. This is not sustainable.

    As to whether we are discredited for our views about Acesse, we believe that our readers are discerning enough to know. All we can say is that a company that recruits members under one scheme and subsequently implements significant changes (like requiring a PSV, removing the bonus iCredits and requiring members to have at least 1 ad running) is a company one needs to be wary of.

    Incidentally, SG Social Media Guru has never considered Acesse an investment. We had viewed Acesse (before the changes) as an unique advertising platform that enabled individuals to build an internet business - hence our recommendation to our readers to join.


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