Saturday, January 18, 2014

SG Social Media Guru: Why Internet Marketers Need Professional Logos

CW Fong & Associates has recently begun working with a team of award winning graphic designers to offer our clients world class corporate logos at extremely affordable rates.
We embarked on this service as we believe that online businesses need professional looking corporate logos even more than brick and mortar companies. This is because while there are many legitimate online businesses on the world wide web, there are also many fly-by-night operations. A professional looking logo will therefore lend needed credibility to your online business as fly-by-nights are out for the quick dollar and usually will not bother establishing a proper corporate identity.
Simply ask yourself. If you come across two websites selling similar products at similar prices, one is a blogshop run my an unknown blogger, while the other looks like a professional set-up, which will you likely buy from? We would even venture to say that even with a slightly higher price, the professional website will get the sale.
So if you are an internet marketer and you are serious about making money online, contact us for your world class corporate logo. All our logos are done incorporating fengshui to give you that added edge. Our corporate logo services start from SGD$388 (usual price is $888) and we serve clients world wide.
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