Monday, January 20, 2014

SG Social Media Guru: Top tip for getting maximum Twitter clicks, retweets and favorites!

Getting multiple clicks, retweets and favorites on your tweets is simple. One great tip which the team at SG Social Media Guru uses is the "question" tweet. While this is nothing new, and many social media consultants teach this, not many share the secret behind it ...
The secret is not so much in the question itself, but what the question is implying. To be effective, the "question" must pique the readers interest and the best way is to ask or say something that goes against conventional wisdom.
The top tweets we used in 2013 for our clients with great effect are:
SG Tutors: Why home tuition is not the solution for your child's poor academic performance. 
SG Wedding Guru: Singapore brides! Do you know what boutiques do behind your back? 
SG Social Media Guru: Why Facebook is making small business fail. 
SG Corporate Training: Why losing employees is a sign of good leadership. 
SG Sales Guru: Why saying no will bring you more sales. 
SG Fitness Trainers: To succeed you must take the personal out of personal training!
So there you have it. Pique the interest of your followers and watch your click rate climb.


  1. I think I be doing that, but maybe not enough. Or maybe people just don't get what I am asking. Hmmmmm......

    1. Keep things simple.
      Generally if your target audience has to think too hard to get what you mean, you have lost them.


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