Friday, January 3, 2014

SG Social Media Guru: Social Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

As part of my continual reflection on the science and art of marketing to better serve Singapore businesses, I have come to realise that there is a difference between social media marketing and social marketing. Just like I have stopped telling people that I am a social media consultant, but a "communications consultant specializing in the use of social media tools." The distinction may seem like a simple name change, but it is not trivial.
At the end of the day, Social Media Marketing is all about communications and how we communicate is via platforms. By looking at the client's problems only through the lens of social media, limits the possible solutions. If you have been in social media long enough, you will know that not all demographics use social media. Hence, for a business whose market segment is in the 50s, using social media will be ineffective.
By identifying myself as a social marketing consultant, I broaden my perspective on possible solutions. As word of mouth marketing is considered social marketing, I would then set out to design a communications campaign in which I encourage the 50 somethings to talk about the business to their friends. This can be in the form of a friends bring friends offer communicated via flyers, direct mails or even press ads.
In short, I believe that to effectively serve our clients, we need to see ourselves as social marketing consultants and not social media marketing consultants. Doing the latter puts the proverbial horse before the cart.
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