Thursday, January 23, 2014

SG Social Media Guru: Prevent an Anton Casey incident in your company with our Social Media Awareness Training for Employees

The recent furor over Anton Casey's Facebook remarks has once again highlighted the importance of social media awareness training for employees.
social media awareness training for employees
As social media platforms become increasingly ubiquitous, the line between personal views shared with friends (like over a cup of coffee) and public views has been blurred. In some instances, even personal comments on private social media platforms can also be construed as speaking on behalf of your employer.
While many know about the reach of social media, many are still unaware of the dangers such a reach possess. A simple off-color remark made on the spur of the moment, or a bad joke can cause far-reaching impact on the employee and the employer. Just ask Amy Cheong who was sacked within 24 hours of her faux pas.
Social Media Awareness Training for Employees is thus no more a "good to have", but is now a "must have" for every company. CW Fong & Associates is an established social media consultancy and has been conducted social media awareness workshops and courses for numerous businesses and organizations in Singapore.
If you are keen to prevent an Anton Casey or Amy Cheong incident in your own organization, contact us via Justin[a]


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