Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Media Release: CW Fong & Associates wins bid to develop a Fitness Trainers Affiliate Programme for FiTSA Singapore

CW Fong & Associates is pleased to announce its appointment as the project developer for the FiTSA Affiliate Programme for fitness trainers in Singapore.
The FiTSA Affiliate Programme is the first of its kind in Singapore aimed at professionalizing and helping Singapore personal trainers earn a living doing what they love. At the heart of the programme is an online portal where certified Affiliates have access to a source of immediate ad hoc job opportunities which they can take-up if their schedule permits.
In addition, as a member of the FiTSA Affiliate Programme, fitness trainers can earn recurrence income via the online sale of fitness supplements, equipment and courses to their clients. All the client has to do is key in the Affiliate code to enjoy discounts and the sale will be credited to the Affiliate.
As the sole distributor for the Omegawave Heart Rate Variability system, FiTSA Affiliates will also have the unique opportunity to promote the latest cutting-edge technology in the science of fitness training.
Open to all in the fitness industry, beside personal trainers, instructors in zumba, yoga, pilates and body combat can also benefit from joining the programme.
Scheduled to be fully launched in April 2014, the FiTSA Affiliate Programme will revolutionize the Singapore fitness industry.
For more information on the FiTSA Affiliate Programme, email Justin[a]

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