Sunday, December 15, 2013

Branding Tip: Use fengshui to give your company logo design that extra edge

In the world of business a professionally designed logo (and corporate identity) is often what separates a successful start-up from an also ran.  Why?  Simply because a professional looking logo tells potential clients that you are serious about doing business and gives the impression that you are a "big player."

The point of this blog is not to tell you that you need a logo.  If you are reading this, you would probably have figured that out yourself.  The point of this blog is to tell you what you can do to give your logo design that extra edge - feng shui.

Similar to any other communications consultancy, CW Fong & Associates assist business owners in creating their corporate identity.  However, what sets us apart from our competitors is our belief in the power of feng shui.  When we tasked to do a logo design, besides obtaining your creative brief, our consultants will also obtain the primary owners date and time of birth.  This additional information will then allow us to determine the owner's "eight characters" and then work with our geomancer to determine the right colors, shapes and even images that need to be incorporated.

Even tycoons like Steve Wynn, Donald Trump and Richard Branson are known to incorporate feng shui elements in their business projects in Southeast Asia. There are also reports that banks like Chase Manhattan and Wells Fargo Banks also use feng shui to increase and secure their wealth.  If they are using it, why shouldn't you?

To give your business start-up that extra edge to succeed, contact us at justin[a] and ask about our start-up logo package. Rates start from a low of $388 (usual price is $888).

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