Friday, December 6, 2013

Social Media Marketing Strategy: Exploit Initial Success

As mentioned in an earlier blog posting, the search engine optimization (SEO) process is a closely guarded black box where, other than small select groups in Google, Yahoo and Bing, no one else really knows exactly how websites are indexed and ranked.

While many can analyze the outcome and make informed guesses, there is no way of figuring out exactly how algorithms like Google's new Hummingbird work.  As such, when you begin blogging and attempting to optimise for the keywords and phrases you want,  chances are your company/ professional blog will be indexed for words you never expected.

To the inexperienced social media consultant, this will be seen as a sign of failure. To experienced, it is a god send because it signals that you are beginning to get out of the "SEO sandbox". The experienced social media consultant would then exploit the situation and commence optimising for the unexpected keywords and phrases.

You may be wondering what about the original keywords you wanted? Do you forget about it?

The answer is no. By exploiting the situation, you focus on increasing your site's "credibility" for that keyword or phrase. This in turn raises the search engine results page (SERP) of your site to the search engines, which then allows you to leverage on it to eventually be ranked and indexed for your desired keywords.

The algorithms to index a website (and by extension a page) are extremely complex. Even so called experts cannot give guarantees. If all the pieces fall into place, you may get it right the first time. However, if you are doing DIY-SEO my bet is you won't, and this SEO strategy that I am proposing will help get you there - albeit through a slightly longer route.


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  2. Update!

    Since this article was written, Google has enhanced the privacy setting for their users. As a result of this change, search words used to find your site are now "encrypted". Stat counters are therefore no longer useful as the majority of words are hidden. Nonetheless, for the occasional words that are captured, this strategy is still useful.


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