Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Social Media Marketing: 3-Steps to Producing a SEO Article

Why Optimize for Search Engines?

With research showing that up to 90% of purchases today involving some form of social media platform, the ability to produce a search engine optimized (SEO) article is now an essential skill of sales and marketing.  While seemingly overwhelming, writing a SEO article is really easy if you know how.  Use the following 3-Steps and you will be on your way to SEO success.

Step 1: Write the article

In all my social media marketing consultations, I always advise my client to include a blog in their marketing mix.  This is because a good blog can generate as much traffic as any company webpage.  Additionally, blogs also allow you to optimize for infinite number of keywords and phrases as each blog posting is a separate opportunity to be indexed.

The main thing to remember about maintaining a blog is consistency.  Writing an article a day is simple as a blog posting need not be a thesis, but can be as simple as a 200 word reflection about a related topic.  The best writing technique to help you accomplish this is to use PREP.  Simply state your POINT of view, give your REASON for it, provide an EXAMPLE to support your reason and then re-state your POINT.  This technique is taught and used by countless numbers of speakers and writers to great effect.

Step 2: Adjust for Keywords and Phrases

Once you have your content, the next step is to adjust for Keywords and Phrases.  To do this, take a separate sheet of paper and list out words which you think people will search for to find your content.  Think as laterally as you can, as you never know which words may be important.

Once you have the list in hand, go over your article and insert them into your article by replacing similar words and phrases you have used. The trick to doing this is to ensure that the article remains grammatically correct and that the keywords and phrases do not look out of place.  Also, do not overdo it or advanced search engine algorithms might think you are "keyword stuffing" and penalize your site.  A safe working ratio to have is a keyword ratio of about 2%.

Step 3: Add outbound links

The third and final step is to add outbound links.  In SEO, everybody knows and agrees that inbound links from quality sites are like gold.  Getting such links is however not easy and is beyond your control.  As search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing endeavor to provide their users with "quality sites with quality contents", providing outbound links to quality sites will make you a good resource site which in turn will increase your page ranking.

To do this, once you have your article, simply identify relevant keywords and phrases and then Google them.  You then find top ranked websites (with relevant information of course) and hyperlink them in your article.


So there you have it.  A simple 3-step process to produce a SEO Article for your site.  If you are reading this, then it must have worked.


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  1. Great points! Me - guilty as charged.

    1. Take this as a reminder, or as you putit, a kick in the butt ... :p

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  3. This is Instructive article about social media marketing. You discuss the whole scenario to write article and adjust your keyword in it. Inbound Link is the best thing for your site and you can link other article with each other. When you ready to make inbound links then make sure the keyword that you select can be mixed with article.

    1. @SpookSEO: Thanks for the additional tip. :)


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